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Bob Tullman

First, I am a diehard lover of books and of Libraries. That said, the e-reader changed my life and I cannot imagine being without one.

I started my e-reading adventures with an old Palm Pilot (when they were new!). I loved having multiple books literally in my pocket. Gone was any stress associated with lines in the grocery store, post office, doctor's waiting room etc. A book was always with me. As a Science Fiction fan, the Baen Free Library - http://baen.com/library/ provided tons of freebies, and their monthly bundles were dirt cheap as well.

Now I use a Nook Color, and while the form factor isn't quite as convenient as the Palm for portability, the reading experience is much better. The Palm was a bit better in direct sunlight, but harder on the eyes due to the smaller screen.

My other guilty pleasure is reading via Audiobook during commutes. Again, the Library is a great source for audiobooks, as is the site http://www.librivox.com which has a lot of volunteer produced public domain audiobooks.

I guess the old yellowed used bookstore purchased paperback is the greenest of the options, but there is a time and place for e-readers and audio as well. The Public Library now offers e-books as well as dead tree and audiobooks, so I vote for LIBRARIES as the #1 option for all reading needs.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Very good points here, Bob. I can especially relate to having a book with you wherever you go, so that waiting is no longer a hassle. (That's why I always have my iPad with me.) I also appreciate your comment about Audiobooks--essential for long, boring commutes! Thanks also for the helpful links!


I have a kindle fire. I got it for Christmas. I love it. For the reason you said, you can collect books without the physical clutter. I also am cheap, and almost everything I download on kindle I do so for free.

That being said, the library is my favorite place. I call it my "Happy place". I dream of working in the library :) I also love independent bookshops. We have a used bookstore and an independent bookshop in my town and I love them both. I love the sensual experience of reading a book you do not get from an ebook, the feel of turning the pages and the smell of a new book (I have been caught "sniffing" new books- I assure you I am not a totaly weirdo though) or even the different smells of library books. I cannot imagine a world without books.

Anyway, now that I have thoroughly frightened you off, I will say I look forward to textbooks becoming "ebook -ized". It will be nice for students to carry around a tablet as opposed to a 40lbs bag of books like I had to do in high school (back in the stone ages before ebooks lol).

Well, thats my 2 cents (or 50 bucks, judging by the length of my post)


Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Kate, I love libraries and bookshops, too, so I 100% relate to your "Happy Place" sentiment! I hope we never have to face a world without "real" books (or "real" libraries or "real" bookshops).

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