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State stereotypes - love this conversation! My sister lives in Georgia & we live in Oregon, so it comes up a lot :)

My favorite thing about Oregon - all the trees, mountains, lakes, farmland, ocean, rivers, waterfalls and high desert. I think it's the absolute most gorgeous place ever. If you like doing anything outdoors, Oregon is paradise!

As far as stereotypes - When I went to work in Albany, NY for a summer, whenever anyone heard I was from Oregon, they always brought up one of two things - Oh, you're a hippy/pothead or Oh, you're a farmer. No, I'm not, but actually, yes, there are a lot of hippies/pot smokers and a lot of farmers here. In fact, most of the my closest friends and family fall into one of those categories, so it's definitely a stereotype for a reason.

This is a lovely tribute to New Jersey. I have never been there and actually know nothing about the state, except for the most important thing ever - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!!!!!!!!! How could you not include that? I'm going to go listen to Thunder Road and give you time to update your post...


Although I make my home in Pennsylvania now, I am originally from Westfield, NJ. I love Princeton and Spring Lake. The only thing I don't like about NJ is the property taxes!!


Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

LOL, Janna, I thought of Bruce, but to tell you the truth, my hubby is the Springsteen fan in this house! I'm more of an alternative music girl. Very funny about Portland stereotypes--I didn't know about the hippies/pot smokers, but I do know it is absolutely gorgeous (even though I've never been there). If you don't already know about it, there is a lovely Portland blog called Posie Gets Cozy (not just about Portland, but she often features outdoor photos of Portland and vicinity). It's one of my faves!

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

I'm with you, Kate. They are STEEP!


I love the south Jersey shore towns;however,the drivers are much more anxious to mow down pedestrians there than anywhere else I've been, with the exception of Boston.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

They must be the people driving down from New York, right, Donna? ;)

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