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I read your post earlier today after I'd been thinking about how much the shorter, grey days affect me. I find it difficult to motivate myself sometimes and I think I probably move around a bit more slowly too. Like you, I find other types of winter weather exhilerating and bracing but grey days can be so dull.

I agree that baking and curling up with a book are great ways to fight the winter blues. I love the idea of sitting by an open fire in a library and I'm now going to go and research libraries with open fires and see if London has any!

Lighting candles is quite a nice way to add some cosiness at home during the colder months and if I'm able I like to get a bit of exercise. I'm limited in terms of what kind and how much exercise I can do but I usually go to a yoga class once a week, which is hard work but always boosts my mood. I think it's a combination of the endorphins from the exercise and also being around other people that helps.

For some reason I've not picked up my camera for a very long time now but taking photos and sometimes drawing the things around me can be a nice way to notice life's little pleasures, which may otherwise be difficult to see, especially if you're feeling SAD.

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