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Cheryl Katz

My family has been going to the Morristown Farmer's Market for years now. It's held every sunday from 8am to 2pm (not sure of exact hours...check the web site). It's a medium size market. Bigger than Chester or West Orange, smaller than Montclair.

They have one organic farmer and a few other produce vendors. There is a fresh fish stand (yes, the scallops at $20/pound ARE worth it), honey products, wonderful cheeses from the sheep farmer (get their butter...you'll never go back!!), a pickle guy, a baker or two and some organic butchers.

Bring your fat wallet as things aren't cheap, but the vegetables taste wonderful and will stay fresh for weeks.

When you taste really fresh food, you realize how poor the quality of store bought food is.


Alex C Jones

Here in Oak Park, Illinois, we have a weekly Farmer's Market that runs only on Saturdays during the Summer and Fall. Farmers sell wares grown in Northern Illinois, Eastern Wisconsin, Northern Indiana and Western Michigan.


When I was a child growing up in the St. Louis area, we would get our fresh produce year-round from one of these three places:
Market in the Loop, started in the 1970's:

Soulard Farmer's Market, first started in 1779, but running mostly since 1841:

And then there was this guy named Pete Daleo who sold fresh produce from a truck. He retired back in the 1980's and I seriously doubt that he is still living.

Karen Kamenetsky

We have a CSA (Community supported Agriculture)share at Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ. We have been members there since they started their CSA three years ago. This is the best way to get your spring/summer/fall vegetables. Alstede's CSA starts in May and goes until the week before Thanksgiving. you pay in May and the cost averages out to around $20 a week for a box of veggies and fruit that would cost you at least double if you purchased the same items at the farm market. That's the beauty of the CSA, you get a bargain, and ridiculously fresh produce and the farmer gets crucial financial support to keep farming. There is nothing that can compare to getting your produce the day it is picked - in flavor and in keeping time - you will find that veggies and fruits you've had go bad the day after you brought them home from the grocery store will last literally for weeks when you bring them home from the farm the day they are picked.
Alstede's farm market also stocks eggs (from PA), some dairy products, their own honey, Four Sister's Winery wine, and Jersey fresh canned tomatoes, making summer trips to the supermarket few and far between. They also have fresh baked pies, fudge, apple cider doughnuts, and home made ice cream.
Genesis Farm in Blairstown, Ort Farm in Chester, and the Totten Family Farm in Long Valley also have CSA shares.
Another great place for fresh produce is Donaldson's Farm Market in Mansfield. They have the BEST corn, hands down, that I have ever tasted. They also have great broccoli - I usually buy bunches by the dozens - blanch it and freeze it for the winter. Donaldson's also sells dairy and breads and in-house baked pies.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Thanks for that great info, Karen. I am glad to know about the other items that Alstede offers besides produce, so I can minimize my supermarket trips even more. Alstede is also great for children's activities, especially in the fall--hayrides, pumpkin picking, pony rides, etc.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Thanks, Alex! I'm always happy to learn about green sources outside of my state that I otherwise would not be able to provide here. Really appreciate those links.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

I have been searching endlessly for really fresh, local seafood, so I will see you at the Morristown Farmer's Market--thank you, Cheryl!

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