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Ohhhhhh! let me count the ways that I love this!!!!! SOOO great, Joy! SO SO great. Recently, I wrote something called the "Declaration of Non-Dependence on Technology" for our home. We have a "phone zone" and everyone is supposed to leave their devices there, except to check them once in the afternoon and once in the evening.... And no devices upstairs... It's not easy. It's not perfect. But, I feel like even TRYING is sending a better message... It is all about an addiction so it is really, really hard and gets harder as the kids get older and devices get "fancier" "better" and more pervasive. So, we soldier on. BTW, I haven't really launched it or done a lot yet but I've written a few blog entries on this and related topics...http://jessdeutsch.blogspot.com/ Curious to know your thoughts if you feel like reading. Also check out the Facebook page for "Princeton Balance" where I post articles on these topics.....I've got some other things brewing along these lines, too. Love to all of you and keep up the great thinking, writing, and trying to navigate!!! Super cute kids, too. Miss you all. xo

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Jess, thanks so much, and I love your official declaration for your home! Really good ideas. It's interesting to get the viewpoint from a parent of teens, because that stage obviously has its own set of technological (and emotional...and developmental...) challenges that are quite different from the ones we're facing now with a 5- and 8-year-old.

I also love your blog's theme about balance--you've got a real goldmine for that topic (because whose life isn't out of whack?!), and I really enjoyed the posts that you've already published. Thanks for sharing them and welcome to the Blogosphere!

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