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Alex C Jones

I think I have an idea about how that book got into your house. My wife's Aunt, Ellen Beals, is the editor of that compilation (not to be confused with Ellen Bass, the author of the poem.)

Lori Popkewitz Alper

What a beautiful poem Joy. Thanks for sharing. I think we're all struggling with ways to help without being intrusive. Hopefully our collective voices will be heard over the many issues at stake.

Beth Terry

Thank you for this, and especially for that poem. I'm crying again, but in a good way.


I instantly thought of your Charlotte when I saw the list of victims. And I thought of my Raymond when I saw anyone with a 2005 year of birth. I could not agree more with what you wrote:

"Any one of these children could have been one of ours. In a way, they all are."

It could have happened anywhere. I can only hope that this horrific event will bring some sort of change both to gun laws and help for the mentally ill.

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