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All so true. I like FB for knowing what old friends are up to - to a point. Their dinner choices are less interesting to me, and even our nine-year old mocks that side of it. I joined twitter when a friend refused to email me an interesting article, but said he was tweeting it and I could follow him and get the tweet. I've been pleasantly surprised - I had thought twitter was mostly about celebrity's sex lives, but I actually get some interesting news. But now I get email reminders about new FB posts, my twitter feeds, updates from LinkedIn (which I joined purely for professional reasons) - who has the time? And what is Pinterest anyway?

Urban Woodswalker

I want to ask you a simple question joy. "Why?" What is your long term goal with investing all the time, and effort? What is it that you envision happening? I assume there would be some sort of income for you? I know nothing about blogging as a income, though I have heard it can.

My second question is...did you really read all those dummies books in the photo? I guess, I should read them too, as I am so clueless LOL.

I allowed facebook to become a real bad time suck. It has to stop soon. I took a year to redefine who I am, and where my art was going...in a direction I did not like. I let my etsy expire, and I stopped making the kinds of things that always sold, but I did not like making. I also stopped the 8-10 hours per day of promoting my work online. That left me exhausted and NOT in the mood to create more items in my "spare time" left over.

for several months, my work still circulated around the net...but its come to a dead standstill. I don't have a blog, nor twitter, nor pin interest, and I don't keep my flickr updated. My Facebook is more times then not just a personal waste of time, though its enlightening, fun, and thoroughly inspiring! I do make great friends in the art, design, and craft worlds...and that is important. I also link up with ein the environmental world, as well as the global fashion scene-- 2 of my top interests.

I think you have to delve into all this with caution...and understand on a daily basis to make assessments on how your time is being used, and how far off the goal s you get. Because it WILL happen LOL.

I think of unplugging ALL the time! But then, where would I be? I would be non existent! I do think my personal Facebook has to go. I need a professional page. I probably need to finally get that professional web site too. Good lord....I don't twitter, and I don't have a blog (that didn't last long) , and I don't really know how to do link'in because I keep forgetting passwords.

My last question to you Joy...did you find all those books really all that helpful? I mean...by the time I read them all there will be some new thing out we all havve to embrace. ~~~;-) its exhausting.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

I knew I could count on you for a good response to this post! My long-term goal is to publish a book, do freelance writing at large blogs or publications, or possibly do some consulting, although I seem to be constantly re-evaluating that whole big picture. The books in the photos that I read cover to cover are the Typepad for Dummies book (EXCELLENT, and really one of the best how-to guides Ive ever read--since I have a Typepad blog, it was absolutely essential reading for me) and Professional Blogging for Dummies (also very helpful, although not nearly as much as the first). I skimmed the Facebook and HTML books for what I needed to know and I occasionally consult them when I dont know what Im doing (often, actually!). The Twitter one and the Pinterest one are on loan from the library, and I only used the Twitter one to get started, as I had no real idea how to do it. I havent even really started the Pinterest one because Im still on the fence about it. Its just as you say--these things can be helpful, but they can also be an ENORMOUS time-suck. I dont want to spend all of my daylight hours at the computer, and yet with a blog, you do need to devote a good chunk of tech time to it. If you do decide to pursue creating a blog, let me know if you want any further advice on it.

Urban Woodswalker

Thanks for all the clarification Joy. :-)

You sound like you are doing your homework. certainly sound organized! There is probably a place to explore time management skills ...like an VIP executive would--- or a lawyer (charges by the minute...very aware of time).

I have thought to get one of those cute kitchen timers, and set it. Once it goes off...in an hour, or whatever (sometimes only 15 minutes-- say on Pinterest) might work well for you.

Watch out for Pininterest...I get sucked into to all the wonderful organizing ideas, and all the recycled arts and crafts! before I know it, 45 minutes (or more!) have gone by and absolutely nothing gets done. Or I forgot what i am supposed to get done.

Twitter...I still don't want to get it. I don't want to live life in short little tweets. I think you CAN choose what to have in your life...and edit, edit, edit...what works, and what doesn't? Keep track, keep a notebook journal (yeah...like you need more things to keep track of...I KNOW!)...maybe even where you most lose time on.

Keep us posted!


I honestly HATE social media, but for us bloggers it's a must. So I must find a way to maintain balance. Thank you for these wonderful posts because they have helped me take little steps toward doing just that. (BTW, Pinterest is my leading social media source of traffic, always in the top 5 sources of my traffic. And much less effort on my part ...)

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Thats interesting about Pinterest, Debi. I know the bare minimum about it, so I guess I actually should read the Pinterest for Dummies book that I borrowed from the library! Im just dreading the addition of yet ANOTHER social network. You wouldnt believe the number of passwords I already have--actually, as a blogger, you would believe it!

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

I wondered if you were on Pinterest--it seems like it would be right up your alley as a creative person. Another blogger just told me its her biggest traffic driver to her site, so I guess I really should look into it...ugh...


Joy, I'm reading this one a little late...
LinkedIn? Finally? It's about time! And really, who's using all of those books in the pics, you or your pooch! On Pinterest, a definite YES because you are a visual person who uses pics on your blog and all pics can track back (link) to your blog which will help you grow your readership. Keep up the great work.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Thanks, Jory! I did break down and join Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. (I got a lot of "YES" feedback to that one, so you're right in line.) It's pretty interesting, I must say! Stop by again here, please!

P.S. My dog is now on Twitter.

Joy @ JoyfullyGreen.com

Thanks, Jory! I did break down and join Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. (I got a lot of "YES" feedback to that one, so you're right in line.) It's pretty interesting, I must say! Stop by again here, please!

P.S. My dog is now on Twitter.

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